Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies

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General Description

In the United States, samples were taken from 5,000 adults between the ages 16-65 with similar samples drawn from the other participating countries. While maintaining continuity with previous surveys, the PIAAC expands on quality assurance standards. In step with the dynamic nature of this research, the PIAAC extends the definitions of literacy and numeracy, and it also presents the problem-solving domain to emphasize skills used in technology-rich environments. The data measurements provide more information about individuals with low levels of literacy by assessing reading component skills.

Using the results of this study, stakeholders will have the necessary data to compare U.S. adult literacy skills to those of adults in other countries. This information may assist leaders in developing policy and creating better accountability structures for adult education and training programs.

Beginning October 8, 2013, PIAAC findings will become available to the public with follow-up release dates extending through April 2014.