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Dina Schwam

Project Director
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Georgia State University
Department of Educational Psychology, Special Education, and Communication Disorders
PO Box 3979
Atlanta, GA 30302-3979
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Phone: 404-413-8329

Dina M. Schwam is the Project Director for CSAL. Dina began working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in 2014, teaching for Georgia State University’s College of Education. She earned the Outstanding Teaching in Educational Psychology award in 2016. During this time, she also worked as a Research Assistant for the Adult Literacy Research Center (ALRC), coordinating the efforts of a pilot study in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging, which looked at neuroimaging in adult literacy students. Prior to her time at Georgia State University (GSU), Dina worked over 10 years in research, and she held a Certification in Clinical Research Coordination through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. Her duties during this period included managing and coordinating multiple clinical research studies, providing guidance in regulatory audit preparation to sponsor organizations, and training investigators and clinical research staff on the federal and local regulations governing the conduct of research. Dina is currently a doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology at GSU. She holds a Master’s of Science in Educational Psychology, earned at GSU. Her current research interests involve the study of self-regulated learning in college students. Prior research interests involved looking at executive function and symptom severity in children with Tourette Syndrome leading to a publication in Applied Neuropsychology-Child.