Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies

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Data Collected

PIAAC collected extensive data that will be of interest to researchers and practitioners in adult literacy development:

•Researchers collected descriptive data about participants’ demographic information including their educational history, socio-economic background, linguistic background, and their work history.

•Measurements were made of participants’ vocational skills in communication; cooperation and teamwork; planning and self-regulation; problem solving; and motivational orientations.

Literacy, numeracy, and problem solving skills using technology were measured ranging from simple skills to higher level skills. Participants were assessed on their comprehension and ability to use both print and electronic texts; reasoning abilities using numbers; their ability to read for information; and discrete reading skills were measured that allowed for the assessment of low level reading ability among participants.

•The test was administered in both pencil and paper and computer modes. The computer portion was computer adaptive which means that the test adjusted to the performance of the participant.

•Once the data is available, users can customize reports on items of interest using Data Explorer.

•Reports and features will be available beginning October 8, 2013. Please see the detailed schedule for further information on release dates.

The US PIAAC National Supplement and Prison Study is a campaign to collect additional data for the PIAAC in the United States. Testing began for the Main Study in 2011, and the National Supplement will resume testing in late 2013 in order to target key subgroups based on age and employment status. This testing will also extend to incarcerated adults in the United States.

Lastly, the PIAAC is available online as the Education and Skills Online Assessment. The data from this online assessment will be comparable to the national and international OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC). This assessment is delivered completely online and is available in six languages. It will collect general background data about each test taker, and it will include modules to assess both cognitive and non-cognitive skills.