Medium Children


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The first way is to use the ALPHABET BAR. If you want to read something that starts with a certain letter, you can click on the blue letter. For example, if you want to read about Babies, click on B and you will go to all stories that begin with the letter B.


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The second way to find something to read is to click on a blue STORY TITLE.

Active Children
Anger Issues In Children
ATV Dangers
Babies At 2 Years
Being A Good Role Model
Being Fair
Biking Skills
Boy Being Bullied
Brain Power For Kids
Child Behavior
Child Misbehaving In Kindergarten
Child Safety Seats
Children And Anger 1
Children And Anger 2
Children And Anger 3
Children And Anger 4
Children And Anger 5
Children And Anger 6
Children And Anger 7
Children And Behavior 1
Children And Behavior 2
Children And Behavior 3
Children And Behavior 4
Children And Behavior 5
Children And Behavior 6
Children And Being Polite
Children And Car Seats
Children And Caring
Children And Chores 1
Children And Chores 2
Children And Clear Communication
Children And Confidence
Children And Creativity
Children And Discipline 1
Children And Discipline 2
Children And Discipline 3
Children And Fears 1
Children And Fears 2
Children And Fighting
Children And Gardening
Children And Individual Behaviors
Children And Instructions
Children And Learning 1
Children And Learning 2
Children And Learning To Talk
Children And Lies
Children And Listening 1
Children And Listening 2
Children And Making Choices
Children And Making Good Decisions
Children And Marijuana
Children And Playing With Others
Children And Praise
Children And Pressure
Children And Punishment
Children And Reading
Children And Respect
Children And Responsibility
Children And Saving Money
Children And Self Respect
Children And Sleeping Through The Night
Children And Spoiling
Children And Sports 1
Children And Sports 2
Children And Strong Emotions
Children And Tantrums
Children And Temper Tantrums
Children And The Truth
Children And Trust 1
Children And Trust 2
Children And Whining
Children At 5 Years
Children Making Friends
Children Not Talking Back
Children Playing
Children Staying Home Alone 1
Children Staying Home Alone 2
Children Who Act Out At School
Children Who Are Angry
Children Who Are Bored
Children Who Are Shy
Children Who Cry Doing Homework
Children Who Don't Do What They're Asked
Children Who Don’t Listen
Children Who Misbehave In Public
Children Who Steal 1
Children Who Steal 2
Children Who Want To Be Perfect
Children Who Want To Sleep In Parent's Bed 1
Children Who Want To Sleep In Parent's Bed 2
Children Who Want To Sleep In Parent's Bed 3
Chores That Are Fun
Cooking With Toddlers
Cyber Bullying
Daycare Centers
Difficult Children
Doctor Visits For Teens
Drug Use
Drugs And Alcohol
Emergency Kit For Kids
Exercise For Kids
Family Road Trip
Family Time 1
Family Time 2
Fifth's Disease
Flu And Kids
Foster Children
Gardening With Children
Grandparent's Punishments
Grief 1
Grief 2
Grocery Shopping With Children
Halloween 1
Halloween 2
Healthy Eating 1
Healthy Eating 2
Healthy Eating 3
Help Children Succeed In School
Kidnapped Children
Kids' Health At School
Learning About Your Children's Friends
Learning Through Games
Leaving The House Without Asking
Limiting TV Time
Listen To Others
Listening To Your Child
Longer School Days
Missing Children
New Baby In The Family
Nurturing Your Child
Parent Involvement In Children's School
Parenting Your Boyfriend's Child
Parents Staying Calm
Parents Who Work
Peer Pressure
Picky Eater
Poison Proofing
Potty Training 1
Potty Training 2
Potty Training 3
Praise For Your Child
Preschool Costs
Proper Punishment For Children
Protecting Your Child’s Privacy Online
Reading To Your Children
Respectful Teenagers
Sadness And Kids
School Attendance
School Closings
School Stress
Self-Help Skills For Children
Separation Anxiety
Sex Abuse
Sex Questions That Kids Ask
Sibling Rivalry 1
Sibling Rivalry 2
Sleep Patterns 1
Sleep Patterns 2
Soccer And Kids
Stay At Home Dad
Student Athletes
Sun Safety For Kids
Talking With Children
Talking With Your Child
Teaching Children Responsibility
Teenagers And Disruptive Behavior
Teens And Disrespectful Behavior
Teens And Their Emotions
Teens Who Get Negative Attention
Telling Children Why They Should Do Things
Time Out
Toddlers And Fitness
Toddlers And Games
Toddlers And The Mine Stage
Toddlers Playing Together
Toilet Training
Water Safety
Weight And Children


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