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Glen McLeod

Teacher Consultant
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The Hospital for Sick Children
Learning Disabilities Research Program
555 University Ave
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5G 1X8
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Phone: 416-813-6329

Glen McLeod is a consultant for CSAL. From York, he has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education, Special Education I qualifications and, an English Specialist Certificate. At the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s Adult Education Centre, Mr. McLeod’s was a teacher/job coach for adults who had a variety of intellectual disabilities and participated in a life skills-Cooperative Education course. He was responsible for preparing students to work at specific work placements including teaching the social skills necessary to adjust to and fit into those work placement environments. Mr. McLeod was responsible for the development of his students’ reading comprehension that they needed to successfully carry out responsibilities specific to their work placements. In 2003, he began teaching Empower™ Reading (PHAST PACES) in a research partnership with the Toronto Catholic District School Board. In 2006, He joined The Hospital for Sick Children to work in the Learning Disabilities Research Program on the Empower™ Reading program as a teacher trainer/mentor, as well as a curriculum writer for Empower™ Reading Grades 2-5 and 6-8, and Empower™ Reading High School programs.