2014 Events

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December -  Literacy Research Association
Mark Conley and Daphne Greenberg presented on results from the adult literacy practitioner text survey.

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November 7 -  American Association for Adult and Continuing Education.
Daphne shared information about our Center’s work.

Date: November 7
Time: 10:30-11:20

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August 4 - The Society for Text and Discourse
Members of the CSAL team presented different aspects of our Center's work

Media: PDF for slideshow​

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April 4 - Adult Literacy Special Interest Group
Daphne Greenberg discussed the Center during the Adult Literacy Special Interest Group business meeting.

Date: April 4
Time: 6:15 pm
Room: Marriot 4th level, Franklin 7

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March 6 - CSAL Meeting with IES and OCTAE
Daphne Greenberg and Art Graesser meet with Department of Education staff from IES and OCTAE.

Media: PDF for slideshow